Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Angel Navas

Where I’m from
By Angel Navas

I am from Guatemala
From quetzals and birds
I am the dust under the bed
I am from the guilt tree
The Bribe elm
Whose lies I still remember
As if they were my own

I am from gorditas and marbles
From city and country
I’m from the rich
And the poor
From pride and shame
I’m from she helped me
With a ball and jacks
And seven jacks I can play with

I’m from the farm and the city
Hard meat and soft bread
From the soul my grandfather lost
To the dead
The leg my father lost to keep his children safe
On the shelf were pictures
Showing great memories
A time of good and bad
I am from those thoughts
Crashed before I screamed
I woken from the dream

1 comment:

  1. Rich images here really evoke Guatamala: quetzals, the guilt tree, the Bribe elm, gorditas, marbles (I used to play with those too when I was in elementary school), ball and jacks, hard meat, soft bread. A transcendent emulation.